The tagline for 100 Stories is “Feel something.”

I don’t always hit it, but the target for everything I write is to create a visceral experience for myself writing it and for you reading it. In the best sense, I want to disrupt your day. Our day.

“Feel something” isn’t a command. Think of it as an invitation. Or a reminder.

The core idea of this site is simple.

I write 100 Stories. I release one a month. I maintain that pace until May of 2032. This will undoubtedly be challenging. I have no idea what to expect. I have no idea what genre they will be in. I have no idea if I’ll run through terrifying bouts of writer’s block on this journey. I have no idea whether story #100 will bring thank-god-its-over relief or that-was-my-life’s-work sadness. Some of this is a high-wire act. The public stakes create focus. Look! See! Now, I’ve gone and told everyone!

The keeping count, though, is a problem for me.

Really all I want is that you feel something. And maybe there will be a few gems in here. At 100 stories, the Decameron odds aren’t bad.

Subscription Levels

There are both free and paid subscription levels.

The stories are free and always will be. Commentary on them, notes, musings and self-deprecating observations will be paywalled. Memoir: paywalled. Personal family posts: paywalled. The more directly personal the piece is, the more likely I am to reserve it for the subscribers that have stepped forward for me. At less than $1.50 a month, you don’t need to step that far forward.

But a lot of what I write is shared with everyone.

Comments are open to all, and I’ll keep it that way. I try to respond to each of them.

A small ask of you:

If you find yourself coming back here, please like posts, share them, and, above all, comment and interact with others. It is one of the great pleasures of writing on Substack to interact with people who read my work. Hopefully, it will be a great pleasure for you to share a discovered writer you care about.


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