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Now let me explain where you are. 😀

This is the Substack writer’s home of Adam Nathan. The site is called 100 Stories. I’ve been publishing work here for two years. There will be one story a month until 2032. (You’ve got in early.)

One story is already being adapted for a film!

The site tagline is “Feel something.” That’s what the writing is about. The goal is to break up your day with intense, visceral writing. I’m lucky enough to have hundreds of subscribers who appreciate the work. I’d love for you to join them, us, me.

If you enjoy the posts, subscribe at bottom. There is a paid subscription as well, but I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Here are a few stories to give you a taste. And, whatever you decide, thanks for scanning me.

An astronaut floats away from his ship:

A teenager breaks into homes and hearts:

How I my wife working as a waiter at a Beverly Hills restaurant:

Feel something.