Nov 22, 2023Liked by Adam Nathan

Thanks for the entrances to more memory tunnels to relive. First, we shall celebrate outdoors . Tonight we’ll toast.


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Nov 22, 2023Liked by Adam Nathan

Curious that mine is the first comment.

Helen Sears , now Campbell, is a fine publicist for you.

We’re in Portland OR to celebrate together with children Lydia Sears Mirocha & family and Michael Sears (48) and family from Oakland CA.

Helen has a vast network in her memory and always growing with travels and next husband John.

But I’m sure you have heard from her.

Have enjoyed your verbal pix of Bergamo.

Harlequin and Commedia dell’arte .....

We studenti were allowed to see your class ONE day during our course and it was fun to see you there with the other “bambini italiani”

Happy Thanksgiving to your family and in the memory of Gail and your Dad; they’re so proud of the two men that carry on their legacy.

Tom Sears , TomPols on Substack 1 st day

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