You see, what you've done here, Adam, is unveil a series I hadn't seen before, and not only make me search back to Part 1 Midnight Train to Georgia, but impel me to read it all from the beginning. Damn you.

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Missed this one…

Just read it twice. I had to go back to chapter 1. To get the full ‘flavor’ of the origins of the story. Ok, start again , ‘Bulldog’, magically singing Gladys on Christmas Eve.

“At the tippy-tip summit of the michael jackson on tiptoe freeze, Red let loose a two bar C# for the ages with the word “sing…” and before the Whips** heels hit the ground, they sang “sing, girl, sing” in four-part-harmony.”

“…carried her, supported her, pistoned and shook and convulsed behind her.”

“The five of them became a gushing engine of balladry. “

And Sandman Sims with his broom. You captured it all, including the in depth study of the dance moves of the Pips.

What an incredible tribute to the glory days of the Apollo theatre. And a wonderful story to go with.

Oh, well done!

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You know I love this one...

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